Adaptive Zumba classes Soulcial trust


Soulcial Trust implemented the Adaptive Zumba project in early 2019. In order to realize it, Soulcial Trust partnered with Safe Haven, a Medical Outreach in Siem Reap. The objective is to provide Adaptive Zumba training sessions for children with various disabilities, with a focus on children with autism. The classes take place once a week, on Friday mornings. They are given by two dance instructors.

Progress and achievements

The objective of this new initiative is not only to have the children exercise and improve their motricity, but also to give them the opportunity to share a common experience within a group activity. In addition, the classes also enable the children to express themselves through Zumba and, more importantly, enjoy a new, fun activity they have never yet experienced.

Adaptive Zumba classes Soulcial trust

For more information on Safe Haven, please visit our partners page.

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