This project started in April 2018, as combined effort between Soulcial Trust and Krousar Thmey. It aims at providing blind children access to sports, more precisely football. The blind football trainings take place twice a week : on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 3.30pm to 5pm.  The trainings are supervised by a coach.

Blind Football
Blind football

Progress and achievements

After several months of training with their coach, the children are now able to lead the ball and to dribble with it. They also duel two by two and do penalties. Their new challenge for 2019 is to play a match against the Phnom Penh team.Thanks to their coach Métrisak, the children of Krousar Thmey made tremendous progresses. 

Our intervention

We have been working on improving the team’s training conditions by providing each member a sports uniform. Besides, as the trainings have to take place within the school for safety matters, the team has been training on a paved courtyard in front of their classroom. As we are not able to bring the children to a proper football field, we brought the field to them and started the creation of a small artificial football pitch.

Blind football
Football field Soulcial Trust
Football field Soulcial Trust

For more information on the Krousar Thmey Foundation, please our partners page.

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