This week is a special one. We are celebrating Children’s Mental Health. This year’s theme is “Healthy : Inside and Out“, which perfectly fits our new adaptive sports activity : Zumba !

Zumba classes are Soulcial Trust’s first project with children with mental disability. They take place every Friday morning at Safe Haven. Safe Haven is a medical outreach and rehabilitation center supporting children with mental and physical disabilities. We decided to interview the teachers, the caregivers and the parents about the positive impact of Zumba.

Strong enthusiasm for adaptive Zumba

The first question we asked was “What did you first think about the Zumba classes idea?“. And we had a unanimous answer “We were very excited !“. The teachers, who mainly give classes to adults, were really happy to adapt the level of the class. They also selected catchy songs for the children. When we asked them if they thought Zumba was beneficial for the mind, they simultaneously answered “Of course! It is good for the body but even better for the mind“. As for the staff of Safe Haven, they all agreed that it would not only improve the children’s motor coordination but also put them in a good mood.

Adaptive Zumba classes Soulcial trust
Adaptive Zumba classes Soulcial trust

Fun and healthy : Inside and Out

According to their abilities, the children reproduced the teachers’ movement in their own way. And they had a lot of fun doing it. A mother also explained us that her son was really sensitive to music and that he definitely enjoyed the class in this way. To share a common experience was also one of the main objective of this first class. The group’s energy was really joyful. We are pleased to support Children’s Mental Health Week 2019 by Place2Be. It is a charity providing in-school support and training for emotional wellbeing. Visit their website for more initiatives and resources on the subject.

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To learn more about our activities, please visit our inclusive sports page.

To learn more about Safe Haven and our other partners, please visit our partners and sponsors page.

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