Both tourism businesses (hotels, restaurants, etc) and NGOs or initiatives aiming to make the city more sustainable increased in the last few years.

Clean Green Cambodia was therefore born in 2017 as a way to unify all these different actors around a same goal: making Siem Reap and Cambodia greater, greener and cleaner, and this without any commercial interest.

Since then, the goal of Clean Green Cambodia remains the same, but it became a one-stop green portal for all stakeholders: from individuals, to businesses or schools.


We reference all sustainable hotels, restaurants, stores, activities, travel agencies and events. We also provide information about what is going on in terms of sustainability in the country to support individuals in their green journey.


We help restaurants, hotels, store, etc. become more sustainable by providing easy access to sustainable business partners and toolkits to reduce their environmental footprint. We also provide additional visibility for their sustainability actions.


We provide online resources (videos, materials) and offline resources (workshops) for your students, employees or community to learn more about the environment and connect you with experts to help you raise environmental awareness.


We support all these actors in their sustainable journey by linking them together and providing them with the useful resources. In addition, we showcase internationally how NGOs and businesses are making Cambodia more sustainable.

Clean Green Cambodia is an online resource dedicated to educating others about sustainable practices that have a low impact on our environment. Thus, by promoting local initiatives, Clean Green Cambodia works like a one-step portal gathering all the information needed in order to live a greener life in Cambodia.

Finally, Clean Green Cambodia promotes local hotels, restaurants, shops, NGOs or community events addressing environmental concerns with green initiatives. Clean Green Cambodia gathers dedicated actors who are passionate about keeping Cambodia clean. We believe that through collaboration the communities we live in can have a positive impact on the environment.


We inform all relevant stakeholders regarding sustainable news in Cambodia, as well as promote internationally sustainable businesses that exist in the country.

Take Action

We take and organise direct actions, such as clean-ups and other events, to have a positive impact on the environment, and in this way raise environmental awareness around us.


We strive to inspire everyone, from tourists, students, businesses and other organisations to lower their environmental impact and create a momentum to make Siem Reap and greater Cambodia more sustainable


We gather like-minded individuals, businesses and institutions around a same platform to leviate on each other's efforts and reach our common goal to make the country greener.

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