Soulcial Trust Disability Awareness

The Disability Education Course is our long-term initiative focusing on teaching children about the challenges and triumphs for people living with disabilities. Our classroom curriculum instills an understanding of the difficulties people with disabilities face in Cambodia. We also focus on ways for all of us to be part of the solution to overcome disability’s social stigma. We include sports as a key element of the “solutions” aspect. In addition, our curriculum has wheelchair sports demonstrations and talks from our ambassadors—people with their own physical challenges sharing their experiences. Reaching children and youth is essential to creating a society that celebrates inclusiveness and support for all people.


After a first successful session with the students of the French School of Siem Reap, Soulcial Trust is launching its new Sign Language Initiation workshops for local schools in Siem Reap. The initiation aims to give the children the opportunity to learn the basis of sign language. The objective is to enable them to engage with people with hearing and speech impairment. We want to promote open-mindness and inclusiveness among the young generation.


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Change the perception of disability in developing countries
  • Create network of trainers able to educate communities about disability issues.
  • Increase understanding of disability among children and youth.
  • Integrate disability education into government curriculum and public discourse.
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Reduce isolation and exclusion experienced by people with disabilities
  • Increase positive visibility of people with disabilities in local communities.
  • Expand opportunities and skills for people with disabilities to be more involved in society.

Interested by the class?

At Soulcial Trust, we are always looking to work with more schools and organizations to initiate projects on disability and raise awareness on causes related to it. If you are interested in receiving the course, please, feel free to reach us and we will be happy to discuss and organize disability awareness sessions with you.

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