For the very first time on January 24, 2019, we celebrated International Day of Education. On this special occasion, Soulcial Trust wanted to recall its achievements, current actions and goals regarding education in Cambodia.

Recalling important figures for International Day of Education

262 million children are currently out of school. 26% of them are of primary school age. 617 million children and adolescents cannot read and do basic math. And, as if the situation was not alarming enough already, children must face discrimination. Indeed, girls and children with disability are even more left behind. Their human right to have access to education is violated. This is not acceptable. 

Making universal quality education a leading priority

Younger generations are tomorrow’s leaders. In order to tackle the issues they will be facing as young adults, they need to have access to quality education. Climate change, political conflicts, social injustice… Education is the key foundation to sustainable development. And, at Soulcial Trust, we strive to work as much as possible with local schools to promote social inclusion and sustainable behavior.

Soulcial Trust’s educational programs for equality, inclusion and sustainability

In the Cambodian point of view, strongly influenced by Buddhism, a disability stands for a bad karma, a curse. Therefore, it generates discrimination and exclusion. As a matter of fact, 1 out of 10 persons in Cambodia with disability is a child. Most of them are victims of landmine explosions. In order to address this issue, we created our Disability Awareness class. It is a long-term initiative aiming to teach children about the challenges people with disability face. And, on this special week, Bel, our Disability Awareness teacher, shared his knowledge and experience with the students of three different schools. Firstly, Angkor High School, then SHINE and finally 10th of January 1979 high school. We want to encourage the young generation to take action for a more inclusive society and to overcome disability’s social stigma.

Bel with the Angkor high school students
Bel with SHINE students

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