What an afternoon for the students from the International School of Siem Reap!

They had the chance to meet the wheelchair basketball team during their weekly training on Friday. An experience they won’t forget!

The class split into 2 groups.

The first one met with Bel, who told them more about his story, and the discrimination he faced because of its disability. But the important thing he wanted the student to remember, is that despite the social exclusion and many obstacles, he managed to study, learn English and a lot of skills, and find a job. Bel shared his experience with the group and there was an exchange to answer all the questions they had.

The other group couldn’t wait to try the wheelchairs!

Once installed, the players showed them how to move fluently with the wheelchair and accompanied them on the field. At first, they taught them how to move forward, and then to make quick turns. After that, they did games in small groups, to get used to the presence of each others on the field. The first minutes were uncertain, but they got comfortable very quickly!

After, the long-awaited moment came: time to try to shoot the ball!

Shoot a ball looks easy, in theory… but in reality, even touch the hoop is difficult! In a wheelchair, you can’t push with your legs to have more strength, it’s only your upper body that makes all the effort, and it requires a little bit of practice to get used to it!

This meeting and exchanges were very enriching for the students, and they really enjoyed their time. By placing themselves in a person with  disability’s situation they have seen how challenging life can be in a wheelchair, and also that you can accomplish great things and do sports!

We are looking forward to see more students visiting us in the field for more great experiences!

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