Meet Dylan, an Australian student in photography who contacted Soulcial Trust to realize his final study project.

Dylan Crawford is an Australian student of photography and journalism. He contacted Soulcial Trust a few months ago to collaborate on his final project: “I don’t want to work behind a desk… in a building… this kind of work doesn’t seem very fulfilling to me. You don’t really feel like you’re helping anyone. We don’t feel like we’re being useful. I don’t want to do that,” he says. As a result of this altruistic vision of a better world, Dylan travels through Cambodia and seeks to tell the still secret stories of people with disabilities through photography.

Today, he joined the Siem Reap disability sports team to learn more about Chair Basketball. “I had never seen people with disabilities play basketball in Cambodia before. It’s different,” says Dylan. The training was an experience that opened Dylan’s eyes. He took pictures throughout the training, capturing the efforts of the Chair Basketball team.

He hopes to continue his studies in the field of international development since he would love to teach others what he knows: “I would like to do this kind of thing[talking about Soulcial Trust’s XLability project] all my life, help these NGOs“.

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