Métrisak is a dynamic, strong-willed young man with a particularly big heart. Among his many implications in the Siem Reap community, he is the coach of the Krousar Thmey blind football team. Although it is almost impossible to describe his unique personality, we tried our best to select three adjectives to introduce him :


Métrisak was born in a multicultural environment in France from a Thai mother and a Khmer father. Growing up in Normandie, Métrisak learnt to speak khmer and was deeply influenced by his parents’ cultures. “My country is France, but my blood is Asian“ he said in a previous interview. He traveled to Cambodia for the first time at the age of 23, but not as a tourist. Indeed, he immediately became involved with underprivileged children for whom he started to organize fundraising, activities, lessons and much more.


When Métrisak speaks about his numerous projects, the word solidarity takes on its full meaning. His commitment towards his soul sisters and brothers of Cambodia is limitless. His biggest wish? To see these children becoming Cambodia’s future middle class. And this is not the only challenge Métrisak has taken up. After coaching the children of Krousar Thmey for several months, he wants to bring the team to a next level by creating the first blind Women’s and Men’s national teams!

Metrisak blind football coach
With the blind football team
Metrisak Music Art School Siem Reap
With the choir Music Art School Siem Reap


In addition to education and sports, Métrisak values the importance of art and music. Once again, the idea to share with the entire Cambodian community was a driving force in the creation of a bold project : Solid’Art Festival. This two-day long festival is completely free and entirely dedicated to Khmer people. The program of the first edition featured workshops and live music with Cambodia’s most famous artists and gave a pride place to Khmer culture. This unmissable event took place on the 16th and 17th of February at Hard Rock Café Siem Reap.

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