After getting the team new uniforms, we are happy to offer to the Krousar Thmey children a brand new football field inside their school.

A better and safer place to play blind football

The children were used to play football in their school’s playground, a large open space surrounded by the street on one side, and the school building on the other. By providing a fake turf field, they will be more confortable to play and it will be less dangerous as the kids sometimes play barefoot. The new field will be located between two walls, which will also improve the resonance of the bell balls. With this new field, we have no doubts that the team will improve even more their skills !

Football field before Soulcial Trust

New field, new challenge

The children have now been training for several months with coach Métrisak. They are able to lead the ball, to slalom with it and to duel two by two, dribbling to bring the ball back to their camp. And their new challenge for 2019 is to play a football match against the Phnom Penh team ! The blind football team was born of a strong will to give children with disabilities access to adaptive sports. We believe that sports inclusiveness is a step towards a society without discrimination and social exclusion.

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