In recent weeks, Soulcial Trust teams have had the pleasure of meeting students from two new schools to discuss disability and raise awareness among Siem Reap youth about the challenges faced by people with disabilities.
  • Singapore Helm Institute of Education

The Singapore Helm Institute of Education, a primary school but also a language and business school, hosted two of our volunteers to introduce young students to the issue of disability as part of their project-based English programme. The students participated in 3 class sessions in which they discussed disability, its definition, its different forms, the challenges related to the disability situation and the behaviour to have towards people with disabilities.To conclude the lessons and to highlight the lessons after the classroom lessons, SHINE students visited our disabled sports centre to meet our players, listen to their stories and try some basketball chair exercises!

  • Anjali House

Our education team also had the opportunity to meet the students of Anjali House, which provides Siem Riep’s children with health care, education and cultural expression activities to help them succeed in the future. The students of Anjali House also benefited from the 3 sessions of our educational program in English and Khmer to ensure that everyone’s comprehension needs were respected. The students, very involved, took the initiative to play and film one of the role plays of the course as part of their cultural activities.

And many more

SHINE and Anjali house therefore join Go Global School, Svay Dongkum School, the International School of Siem Reap as partners in our education program. In the coming weeks, Soulcial Trust and the École Française de Siem Reap will also launch a new partnership for the disability education program. With the development of our education program, we are expanding our partnerships by working with various local schools to increase people’s knowledge about disability.

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