Michael Barrett

Michael has found the website Soulcialtavel.com which aims to help several organizations to recruit volunteers eager to give to the community while travelling abroad. With friends in Dehli, he helps to fund Soulcial Trust by integrating Soulcialtravel.com along the other activities of Soulcial Trust. He is currently developing Soulcial Trust programs in Cambodia and hopes to expands the activity of Soulcial Trust in whole South-East Asia. Apart from his job in Soulcial Trust, Michael runs a duty free and travel cluster.

Pauline Lovicourt
Programmes Director

Pauline joined the Soulcial Trust team in January 2018. After earning a Masters Degree in International Development and Humanitarian Action, she worked in communications and project management in several NGOs and associations in Canada. Passionate by music, sports, human rights and adventure ; her need for new challenges brought her to Siem Reap where she will be managing Soulcial Tust’s programmes until July 2019.

Hugo Huete Hervás

Hugo joined the team in August 2018 as the new Director. His past experiences launching and managing several businesses in Brazil, Germany and Cambodia, gives this Spanish active man the impulse of managing the Soulcial Trust team based in Siem Reap and coordinating the numerous projects the NGO is involved with. He is passionate and devoted to the people he collaborates with and aims to develop the activity of Soulcial Trust to help more people in need and spread an eco-conscience throughout the region’s minds.

Operations Manager, India

Guddu is a multi-talented all rounder who gets around on his skateboard. An amputee since the age of 10, Guddu is no stranger to the realities and hardships of living with a disability in India. Guddu joined the Soulcial Trust team to help empower others who, like him, do not have the use of certain limbs and therefore do not receive the same consideration in society as abled-bodied people. Guddu has previously worked in the clothing industry, designing and sewing clothes. He has also worked as a tour guide for Indian and International visitors. Alongside his work at Soulcial Trust, Guddu works at a guesthouse and runs a home and day care centre for spinal cord injured people in Delhi (ESCIP House).

Juliette Goulet
Green Influence Programme Manager

After working in responsible investment for several years in Amsterdam, she decided to put into practices the knowledge she had gathered and see on the ground the environment issues that developing countries face. As a Green Influence Programme Manager, her goal is to raise environmental awareness and build initiatives to cope with environmental problems such as plastic consumption and waste management.

Alejandra Dugarte
Social Enterprise Manager

With a background in Hospitality and Service Businesses studies, Alejandra came from Colombia to join the Soulcial Trust team to help others who, like her father and uncle, have functional diversity and for that reason are discriminated. As a Social Business Manager her aim is, based on the principles of freedom, dignity and equal rights, to build a project driven by Soulcial Trust that will include vocational training and employment to give people with disabilities the opportunity to have a meaningful quality of life through social and labor inclusion.

Capucine Etchepare
Communications Manager

Capucine studies communication in order to raise awareness on social and environmental issues. After a first experience in an environmental NGO as a Communication and Project Officer, she decided to join the Soulcial Trust team to contribute to the development of its missions. Deeply concerned by communities empowerment and sustainability, Capucine is very happy to have the opportunity to promote the meaningful and soulful initiatives led by Soulcial Trust.

Quentin Alexandre
XLability Programme Manager

Majoring in Korean studies as well as Cross-Cultural Negotiations with a focus on International Development, Quentin joined Soulcial Trust to take part in projects that would benefit and help groups of people that are discriminated against. This first experience in an NGO will provide Quentin with the needed tools to take on other social causes that matter to him such as LGBTQ+ rights and women’s rights. Quentin also hopes that through this initiative he can give back, if only a little, to Asia which taught a great deal and helped developed into the person he is today.

Marion Peu
Green Influence Officer

After studying various subjects such as law, economics, sociology, political sciences and international relations in France and in Sweden, Marion decided it was time to broaden her horizon and joined Soulcial Trust in the end of February 2019. Deeply concerned with the current worldwide environmental issue and filled with a strong desire to give back to society, her goal as a Green Influence intern is to sensitive as many people as possible about the general environmental concerns, especially the over-consumption of resources such as plastic, and to help the team establish and carry on eco-friendly initiatives all over Cambodia.

Eva Redoules
Communications Manager

It is in the context of her studies that Eva joined our team until the end of June to strengthen our communication strategies. Wishing to discover the world and to be fully committed to the humanitarian and environmental cause, she wanted to put her skills into practice by promoting Soulcial Trust’s solidarity initiatives.

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