The main objective of the Saat awareness campaign is to raise awareness among the inhabitants of Siem Reap about the environmental degradation that the city and its population cause to the ecosystem.
Sat Campaign Green Influence

Thanks to the financial support of the Association of Hotels of Cambodia and the participation of eighteen volunteers (twelve from the local NGO Anjali House and six from GAEA), we had the opportunity to participate in the Khmer New Year celebrations in front of the Angkor Wat temple from 13 to 16 April.

During the three days of festivities, volunteers from each team, SRGC, and the Saat de Phnom Penh hosted various activities to raise awareness and show visitors the enthusiasm and interest of young people in environmental initiatives. Activities included dancing, sharing educational and promotional materials, and social network challenges.

One of the highlights of the event took place on Sunday when the volunteers prepared a few questions before going to meet visitors throughout the festival to initiate question and answer sessions. The questions were related to environmental topics, if the answers to the four questions were correct, the participants received a promotional t-shirt and became Saat ambassadors.

Despite the overwhelming heat during the four days of activities, all the volunteers were energetic and delighted to participate and bring about environmental awareness and behavioural changes for visitors to Angkor Sankantra 2018. Soulcial Trust’s Green Influence program works to inform about the environment and how an individual or company can make a difference in preserving the planet.

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