Our mission

Often viewed as outcasts or unrecognised, our goal is to empower the community of people with disabilities through the values, challenges and ethics of sports. We intend to break the cycle of isolation that too often characterises the lives of people with physical disabilities. 

"For an inclusive, soulful society"

By supporting our XLability project, you will have a significant impact on the cause of people with disabilities. People with disabilities must have access to the same rights as able-bodied people and this can start with simple things like access to sport. We believe that sports inclusiveness is a step towards a society without discrimination and social exclusion.

"Inclusive sports to fight disability social stigma"

Blind football


Make a difference today

  • Support a programme that integrates education, sports, and disability rights
  • Help us implement concrete actions to improve people with disabilities’ wellbeing 
  • Provide visibility to an international social cause
  • Join the community of disability advocates

Improve the players' wellness

  • They build their independence and self-esteem
  • They develop their physical capacity and skills in the practice of their sport
  • They hare their skills and learn from others and become role models for other people with disability
  • They contribute to the social equality movement as ambassadors for people with disabilities in Cambodia
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