What is Zumba?
Zumba was born in the 90’s in Colombia. Its creator, Alberto Pérez, wanted to develop a new dance fitness program that combines elements of aerobics, resistance training and choregraphy inspired from different styles: salsa, bachata, samba, merengue, reggaetton… 

It started to attract many people, and they have been hooked very quickly! The main reason of this success is that Zumba is not a “traditional” workout: forget the boring and painful crunches, push-ups, planks and lunges! A Zumba session is a fun and social dance party that improve your shape!

Nowadays, Zumba is performed in more than

countries around the world

The reasons why you should join a Zumba class

1. To lower your stress

Zumba is the perfect mood boosting workout to take if you want to get rid of all that stress you accumulate during your every day. The specific upbeat moves favor the release of endorphins, well-known as “the happiness hormone”. Promising, right? By joining a Zumba class, you will surely be able to feel your worries melt away as you lose yourself in the music!

2. To improve your coordination
You might not think of the importance of coordination, particularly when you are young. However, as we age, coordination often suffers a bit. Fortunately, the multi-tasking elements of Zumba, as well as its dance-like motions, can keep your body in shape. Zumba strengthen your balance and vitality, which is helpful to lower the risks of falls and injuries!

3. To tone your body
As a dance-based form of fitness, Zumba acts as a full-body workout, engaging softly every muscle group — from your arms to your shoulders and to your feet —. This makes your workout more efficient, and helps you reinforcing your whole body. 

4. To burn fat and a lot of calories.
Zumba is ideal for weight loss. While following the steps of your instructors, you will burn around 400 to 600 calories in a Zumba class. A great sweat!
Also, it makes you smile, and smile always makes you look fabulous! 

5. To improve your cardio!
Zumba is perfect to get a stronger heart. Why?
Because it is based on songs that play around 145 beats per minute. If you are trying to improve your endurance without running for a long time, this is the best thing you can do! Exercising for prolonged periods at this rate increases the strength of your heart. Because Zumba’s music plays at a fast pace, moving to the beat of the music can start to build up your endurance after only a few workouts. Overall, it is most useful for helping to maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system. It increases how much oxygen you can breathe during a high-intensity effort. You will feel the positive effects on your body everyday!

6. It is accessible.
Everyone can join a Zumba class! It is made for all ages, abilities and goals. It is an activity with a wide variety of rythms, which involves simple steps. First-timers can simply jump right into a class and follow along with the instructor, and see their improvements very quickly! 

Due to its numerous benefits, we chose to integrate this activity to our projects. We offer Zumba sessions, also described as “Dance Therapy Class” to children with mental and/or physical disabilityThe classes take place twice a week at Safe Haven and Grace House in Siem Reap. 

The goal is to improve the general well-being of the children. Dancing gives them more self confidence, enables them to express themselves, improves their coordination, develops a better body awareness, and also improves their social skills

The music helps a lot too, and they even have their favorite songs (Baby Shark for instance is one of the most popular). Every week, the same kids attend with their parents, and they share a great time together. Our instructors, Naoko and Miwako, see the progresses over time

To support our project, we organized a Zumba Party in Siem Reap on the 18th of October, and it was fully booked! Around 40 participants came to dance for an hour and there were smiles on every faces the whole time. 

This night was the perfect occasion for us to explain what is the purpose of Soulcial Trust and explain how important is it to raise awareness about disability in Cambodia. Then we chatted around delicious food kindly prepared by Navutu Dreams Resort, who hosted the event. 

We would like to thank again all the participants for joining, Naoko, Miwako, and Navutu Dreams Resort for making it possible. As this event was a success, we are working on the organization of another one! 

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