Angkor Highschool students are willing to take action to minimize their environmental impact : discover the Eco-School project !

When most students go back home after a long day of school, some spend the night there. It is the case of 24 young girls that study at Angkor High School in Siem Reap. Coming from surrounding villages that do not have high schools, the girls are sponsored by NGO2 Bamboo Shoot Foundation to access secondary education in Siem Reap. In addition to following classes and tutoring, the girls are also helping Angkor High School to become an “Eco-school”, that is to say a place where both students and teachers are environmentally conscious and take action in order to minimize their environmental impact. To establish an Eco-school, several actions are being planned and implemented by NGO2 BambooShoot Foundation, GAEA and Soulcial Trust, with the help of the girls (who earned the nickname of “Eco-Warriors”)

Adopting environmentally friendly practices within the school

Over the last year, the Eco-Warriors have participated in workshops and have been involved in clean-up events around Siem Reap and Kampong Khleang. To go further, the idea is now to create zones to sort out the waste within the school and to display eco-guideline posters in classrooms and in the canteen so that everyone can feel involved in the project. A drastic reduction of the use of styrofoam, plastic bags and plastic cutleries is also one important step to make the school more eco-friendly.

Green Influence

Creating a garden

One of the initiative launched as part of the Eco-school project is the creation of an organic garden on the dormitory grounds. Vegetables and spices, such as sweet potatoes, morning glory, lemongrass and loofah beans, will be planted to provide ingredients for the girls to cook meals. Compost bins will also be set up to reduce food waste. The garden will be an educational place for the girls to learn about good environmental practices, have fun in between classes and tutoring lessons, while also teaching others about it.

Eco-School Eco Warriors
Eco-School Eco Warriors

Raising environmental awareness

One of the important point of this project is for our dear Eco-Warriors to raise awareness about environmental issues in the school. After having learnt about waste management and gain leadership skills on the subject, the girls will be able to sensibilise their schoolmates on environmental issues and especially waste management. Eco-activities are also planned, such as clean-ups around the school, a celebration of environmental days and the organization of an Eco-Fair. Angkor High School could then become a model for other schools in Siem Reap and greater Cambodia in terms of environmental protection and could maybe, in the near future, apply for an award as a Cambodian Eco-School !

The project of an Eco-School at Angkor High School is therefore based on the main idea that it is possible to reduce our environmental impact especially through education and motivation… and you can be sure that these young girls are motivated !

To learn more about the Eco-Warrior, please visit our Green Influence page.

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