This project started in June 2018. It stems from a collaboration between Anjali House, Sunrise Cambodia, Soulcial Trust and the French School of Siem Reap. Its aim is to allow children from different walks of life to get acquainted to sports together and break class as well as social barriers. We are organizing training sessions for around 50 children every week.

Touch Rugby
Touch Rugby

Progress and Achievements

This activity is called touch rugby because players must touch other players in order to get the ball instead of tackling them down. The trainings are a real success among the children and attracted the same amount of girls and boys. The improvement among the young players is impressive. 

New project with deaf and mute children

To offer an even more inclusive range of sports, we implemented touch rugby trainings for deaf and mute children. This activity stemmed from the collaboration with Krousar Thmey, a school for deaf and blind children.The trainings take place every Tuesday afternoon and are supervised by Jean-Baptiste, our rugby coach, and Leak, a sign language teacher. 

Touch Rugby for deaf and mute children Soulcial Trust
Touch Rugby for deaf and mute children Soulcial Trust


Our goal is to develop the children’s self-confidence and well-being and to give them access to sports and social activities so that they feel included within the society.  Jean-Baptiste and Leak will also monitor the improvements of the children, our long-term goal is to help the children reach a good level that will allow them to take part in national tournaments !

To learn more about Anjali House, Sunrise Cambodia or Krousar Thmey, please check our partners page

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