We are happy to welcome two new members in the Soulcial Trust team. Quentin and Marion will work for our Green Influence and XLability programmes.
Marion is our new Green Influence Officer
Marion Peu Green Influence

After studying various subjects such as law, economics, sociology, political sciences and international relations in France and in Sweden, Marion decided it was time to broaden her horizon. She joined Soulcial Trust in the end of February 2019. 

Marion is deeply concerned with the current worldwide environmental issue. She is also filled with a strong desire to give back to society. Her goal as a Green Influence officer is to sensitive as many people as possible about the general environmental concerns. Especially the over-consumption of resources such as plastic. She will help the team establish and carry on eco-friendly initiatives all over Cambodia!

Quentin is our new XLability Manager

Quentin majored in Korean studies as well as Cross-Cultural Negotiations with a focus on International Development. He joined Soulcial Trust to take part in projects that would benefit and help groups of people that are discriminated against.

Quentin Alexandre XLability

This first experience in an NGO will provide Quentin with the needed tools to take on other social causes that matter to him such as LGBTQ+ and women’s rights. Quentin also hopes that through this initiative he can give back, if only a little, to Asia which taught a great deal and helped developed into the person he is today!

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