Today everyone knows sign language. Nevertheless, this discipline remains little used in the non-deaf population. Observation of the situation in Cambodia, advantages of learning and the solution proposed by Soulcial Trust, after this article this informations will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Sign language in Cambodia

 According to figures from several NGOs, which are still approximate in the absence of an official census, Cambodia has about 50,000 deaf people, only a handful of whom master sign language through the DDP or the Krousar Thmey School, which specializes in the care of deaf children. Today we have several partnerships with this school in order to develop the integration of deaf people into the Cambodian population.

Advantages of sign language

A language that is present everywhere and allows us to create a more inclusive society : The deaf community is very large, and is throughout the world. Because of the silence the language is spoken in, it can go unnoticed. So, if we go through our lives without hearing it why should we learn it? Because it is all around us. If you work at a fast food, or as a cashier, you will eventually encounter someone who signs. Though most that hail from the deaf community read lips fluently, the chance to interact in their own language is always welcomed.

One of the easiest language to learnSign language is one of the easiest languages to learn. So many of the signs are commonplace gestures. Children pick up on the signs quickly and are eager to use them. The fact that it is easy helps encourage the learning.

It can be really useful in several situationsSign language can be the most used language you learn. Need to communicate across a crowded room without shouting? Use sign language. Lose your voice? Use sign language. On the phone and need to communicate to someone in the room without breaking your conversation? Use sign language.

And what about Soucial Trust?

Through a partnership with Krusar Thmey School, we provide weekly interventions in different schools in Siem Reap to raise awareness and teach children the basics of sign language. They are very curious and responsive, and are very happy to be able to participate in the various activities offered to them. Children are our future, the actors of a more inclusive society.  

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