For this year’s Women’s Day, we interviewed two members of the wheelchair basketball team : Sieng and Dayong. They accepted to share with us their empowering and inspirational message for other women with disabilities.

Portraying real life heroes

International Women’s Day is aimed at celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. But this day is also an opportunity for a call to action for accelerating gender balance. And, for this special occasion, we are happy to portray two real-life heroes inspiring and empowering their community. They are both part of the basketball team and and true role models for us. You can discover their message in the following vidéo. They strongly encourage women with disabilities to believe in theirselves, to show society their talent and we hope that they will reach many women across the country and the world.

Towards a more gender-balanced world

At Soulcial Trust, we try to work towards more balance, especially regarding gender equality in our sports teams. We are so proud to have young women in our blind football and wheelchair basketball teams. Our touch rugby trainings also attract as many girls than boys, which makes us very happy. We strongly believe that giving access to sports equally to boys and girls is a first step towards a more inclusive and balanced society. We also are very impressed by the Eco-Warriors, a group of 25 students coming from small villages that do not provide high schools. But this did not stop them from receiving a higher education. Indeed, thanks to their motivation and leaderships abilities, they have access to a scholarship and study in Angkor High School, one of the biggest and most renowned of Siem Reap. And, on top of studying 6 days a week and receiving tutoring, these young students lead eco-actions and raise awareness about environmental issues. They are currently building a vegetable-garden and a compost within their school !

Eco-School Eco Warriors

The young Eco-Warriors and some players of our different teams.

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