Soulcial Trust’s XLability programme champions the ability of people with physical or mental challenges to excel. Using the principles and standards of behaviour defined by sports, we provide a new perspective about the achievements that people with disabilities can make in their own lives. We uphold the summons for disability advocacy and encourage change in both developing and developed countries.


Soulcial trust strongly believes that sports and education are fundamental for drawing people with disabilities into the fabric of society. Often viewed as outcasts or unrecognised for their strength of character, our goal is to empower the community of people with disabilities through the values, challenges and ethics of athletics’ inclusive, team-oriented culture. We intend to break the cycle of isolation that too often characterises the lives of people with physical or mental disability, especially in low income and rural communities.


The programme has three main projects :

All-ability inclusive sports

Soulcial Trust’s adaptive sports project promotes social inclusion and empowerment by bringing people with all abilities together, reducing the social stigma faced by people with disabilities. Soulcial Trust currently organizes  on a weekly basis blind-football, wheelchair basketball, touch rugby or dance with children with autism.


Employment Support

The employment support project was born as a direct response to the needs of the adult players of the adaptive sports center. Most are unable to find stable employment due to a lack of education (often from not being allowed to go to school due to their disability) and employment discrimination.

Bel Disability Awareness Teacher Soulcial Trust

Disability awareness course

This long-term initiative focuses on teaching children about the challenges and triumphs for people living with disabilities. Our classroom curriculum instills an understanding of the difficulties people with disabilities face and ways for all of us to be part of the solution to overcome disability’s social stigma. 

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