Long Lub, our lovely rugby coach assistant, is leaving his job to live new adventures. His departure is the opportunity to talk with him about his experience as a member of our team, and to know more about his replacement, Hok Samnang. We met them at Sunrise Cambodia to ask them a few questions about them and their role as assistants coach.

We are very proud of Long Lub (on the left) and Hok Samnang (on the right)!

Hi Hok Samnang and Long Lub! First, can you tell us more about yourself?

Long Lub
“Hi, I am Long Lub and I am 17 years old. I am a 10th grade student, and I am studying English in High School. I have been assistant coach in the rugby team for more than a year!”

Hok Samnang
“Hello, my name is Hok Samnang and I’m 13 years old. I am a 7th grade student and I also study English. I am the assistant coach since a month now” 


Can you explain what is the role of the assistant cocah? What is/was your role within the team?

Long Lub
“I was in charge of a lot of different things. I had to make sure that the team was ready on time. During practice, I helped the coach to set up the games and do the teams. My role was also to cheer up my teammates, and as I was one of the oldest, I also had a role model for my friends that were younger than me. My relationships with my teammates were really friendly, they did not considered me as a chief at all, but they were more willing to listen to me because they trusted me.”

Hok Samnang
“My role is to be the link between the players and the teachers. I am also here to team up with everybody and make everyone feel stronger together as a team. I cheer up my teammates all the time, and I help building stronger bonds between us, to develop a real team spirit!”

Why did you want to be the assistant coach at first? 

Long Lub
“I did it first because I love sports, and rugby is one of my favourite. I wanted to be more involved in the team and to have more responsibilities. I am really happy about it!”

Hok Samnang
“I wanted to be the assistant because I love playing rugby. I wanted to develop my skills on the field and also outside! I am happy to have more responsibilities in the team and to lead the others”


What did you learn during your mission? Do you think it helps you in your daily life?

Long Lub
“Yes of course! I acquired new  physical skills: I am faster, I know how to pass well the ball, and how to tackle properly. But it also developed my self confidence, as the other players were often relying on me and listening to me.”

Hok Samnang
“I am the new assistant since a short time, but I feel that I am getting better and better at playing rugby: I run faster and I pass well, and I enjoy learning how to tackle like professional players. In my head, I also feel more confident, and I feel a little responsible for all the improvement we make on the field. This is really rewarding! I am still learning my role, but I hope the coach will trust me and give me even more responsibilities in the future! “

Long Lub, what is your best memory during your experience?

“The rugby tournament in Phnom Penh last October. We were so happy to spend the weekend together and play a real match for the first time against other teams! We had a lot of fun on the field and also on the bus and in the hotel at night. One of my best memory so far!”

Last question for you: what are you going to do next?

“I am going to be a dancer. I have been training for 3 months now, and I will do representations of traditional Khmer dances, to promote the culture of my country! I am really excited to begin this new chapter of my life!”

Thank you Long Lub for everything you did for the team during your time with us. We wish you good luck for your next adventures as a dancer! We are 100% sure you will do great!

We also wish all the best to Hok Samnang, who is already doing a wonderful job! We will keep you updated in the next months!

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