We are happy to welcome two new members in the Soulcial Trust team. From Columbia and from France, Alejandra and Capucine will be working on new projects and contribute to Soulcial Trust’s missions.

Twofold purpose

From March 2 to 11, Bangkok hosted the qualifying wheelchair basketball tournament for the Asian Paralympic Games. Battambang’s women’s team was able to defend Cambodia’s colours. Our team is still a little weak to participate in such a challenging tournament, but our two co-captains had the opportunity to attend the final stages of this high-level tournament. The objective was twofold: to give voice to support Cambodia’s women’s team and to learn by observing the continent’s best basketball players.

First objective perfectly fulfilled

The first objective was perfectly fulfilled by our two players, Bel and Sovantha, who did not stop supporting Cambodia during their matches. The screams and applause were not in vain: Cambodia qualified for its first Asian Paralympic Games! We hope that in the next edition, both teams, women and men, will qualify. Congratulations to the girls!

Second goal achieved as well ! 

The second objective has also been achieved. The Asian gratin of chair basketball was present and the level of play was breathtaking. The two co-captains, Sovantha and Bel, analyzed the game of the tournament’s top teams, such as China, Thailand and Malaysia. The opportunity to discover new tactics and to see the main areas of work for future training. “It’s a very rewarding experience, which will allow us to improve,” says Sovantha, while Bel wants to “come back here next year to win. There is no lack of ambition in our ranks and neither is work. Finally, this tournament allowed the XLability project leaders to meet people who could collaborate on the project, particularly on the development of basketball in India. We will keep you informed of the progress of the project on the website and the next newsletters!

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